Masirah - 15.6 MWp Al Khuwaima - 3.3 MWp Masrooq - 0.4 MWp Madha - 6.2 MWp Farshat Qatbeet - 0.9 MWp Hitam - 1.2 MWp Al Khadrah - 4.5 MWp Al Halaniat - 0.4 MWp Hasik - 1.7 MWp Al Mazyunah - 6.5 MWp Mitten - 1.0 MWp

One of the 7 corporate strategic objectives is: "Maximizing Renewable Energy Sources Implementation." The Measure of this strategic objective is to implement RE projects. Accordingly, the initiatives are:

11 sites Solar-Diesel Hybrid Project

  • 11 sites have been identified for a technical and economic feasibility study. All 11 sites have been deemed feasible to implement solar-diesel hybrid projects.
  • Tanweer will tender the projects through an IPP (independent power procurement) framework which implies the investor is responsible for funding and operating the project. This will increase efficiency and reduce the associated generation costs.


No. Power station Expected Photovoltaic Capacity (MWp)
1 Masirah 15.6
2 Madha 6.2
3 Al Khadrah 4.5
4 Al Khuwaima 3.3
5 Hasik 1.7
6 Hitam 1.2
7 Mitten 1.0
8 Al Halaniat 0.4
9 Masrooq 0.4
10 Al Mazyunah 6.5
11 Farshat Qatbeet 0.9
Total 42
Dhofar Wind Project (50MW):

  • In 2014, Tanweer signed an agreement with Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company (Masdar) to develop Dhofar wind power project with a total installed capacity of 50MW, connected to the OETC south grid.
  • Project is currently under construction, with major wind turbine components received at site for installation.
  • As per the project schedule, the expected project commissioning is in Q3 2019.


Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic system at Tanweer`s Muscat Headquarter

  • This project is part of the Business Plan initiative of installing solar rooftop systems on all Tanweer`s buildings. The initiative implementation is set to be in 2019, as a measure of achieving the KPI, strategic objective and the company vision of going green.
  • Installed capacity of 45 kW mounted on the rooftop.
  • Project is currently in implementation phase.


l Mazyunah Solar Project:

  • This was a pilot project aimed to identify key obstacles and opportunities associated with the deployment of similar projects in the future.
  • Tanweer signed a 20-year PPA with the private investor Bahwan Aston Field, owner of the 307kWp PV power plant, to purchase electricity produced from the PV plant.


"SAHIM" initiative

  • According to the "SAHIM" initiative introduced by AER, Tanweer management has formulated a plan to implement the regulatory framework by establishing a team to activate the solar energy implementation of small and medium scale grid connected solar systems to all customers.