"Tanweer" unveils a new strategic project in Al Mazyona

The Rural Areas Electricity Company "Tanweer" - a member of the Nama Group- is developing a new primary substation along with overhead and ground power lines to connect Al Mazyona Police Station.

The project includes three main components. The key element would be building a new primary substation complex with (2 x 6 MVA)33/11 kV. installation of a 33 kV overhead line with a length of 14 km from the Al Mazyona Power Plant to the new 11/33 kV primary substations`, and another 4 km long 33kV underground cables to connect the police station to the new substations.

The project is expected to be completed before the end of Q3- 2021. it will connect the police station in Al Mazyona and essential part of the social housing. Additionally, it aims to meet the increase of demand for electricity due to the growth of the projects in the Wilayat.

The project comes within Tanweer`s efforts to meet the increasing demand for electricity in its concession areas in the governorates, which supports the government`s plans to boost economic and social development in the governorates.