Tanweer Initiate the Second Dose Campaign Against COVID-19 for its Employees

In line with the national vaccination drive, organized by the Ministry of Health, the Rural Areas Electricity Company “Tanweer” – Member of Nama Group - announced the commencement of the vaccination campaign for the second dose of the ‘COVID-19’ vaccine for all employees.

The company, in cooperation with Nama Holding, is completing the vaccination plan to ensure preserving the health and safety of its employees, to create a safe working environment for them and to stop the spread of this epidemic.

Abdullah bin Hamoud Al Maskari - Head of the Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Department - explained “The vaccination process went smoothly in Tanweer while ensuring the abidance by the precautionary measures. Hence, we managed to cover 80% of our employees for the first dose of Covid-19 and expect to complete the rest of the employees by the end of August 2021.

On this occasion, Tanweer is pleased to express its appreciation to the Ministry of Health and the health sector workers, for their dedication and continuous efforts in providing the necessary health care across the governorates of the Sultanate.