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Dhofar Governorate
Offices Location Telephone Fax
Salalah The new building is in the 23 July street next to Department of Housing 23232100  23232144
Shaleem Wilayat Shaleem, next to social housing 23200422  23200411
Al Mazyunah Wilayat Al Mazyunah, next to Notary Office 23380802  23380803
Thamret Wilayat Thamret, next to wedding hall 23279751  23279750
Shahab Aseeb Wilayat Shahab Aseeb, next to Notary office 23287581  23287583
Dhalqut Wilayat Dhalqut, in the center of the city 23286115  23286118

Musandam Governorate
Offices Location Telephone
Diba Ansor Area, beside Sultan Qaboos Masjid and before sell power station 26836405
Madha New Madha Area and opposite Sultan Qaboos Masjid 91219303
Khsab Beside Public Authority for Radio & Television and Khasab Primary Station . 26731553 - 26731551
Bukha Beside National Bank of Oman NBO 26828171-26828092

Al Wusta Governorate
Offices Location Telephone
Al Wusta In the main street, and after Wali Mahout office 25448318, 25448373, 25448377, 25448339
Hima In the main street on the way to Doqm 23436340, 23436335
Doqm Behind Al-Maha Petrol Pump in Middle of Duqum 25427129, 25427159, 25427112
Al Kahl Right side of Al-Kahal Roundabout. 25218363

Al Dhahira Governorate
Offices Location Telephone
Hamra Al Doroo Opposite the main street 25435114, 25435115

Al Sharqia Governorate
Offices Location Telephone
Khuwaima In the right side from the street going to Al Wusta 80077787
Masirah Located in Masirah power station opposite Masirah police station 25504256

Al Dakhlia Governorate
Offices Location Telephone
Adam In the old power station area 25435114, 25435115