Why Join Tanweericon

Employee Benefit:-

Medical Coverage

The Company provides medical coverage to Permanent and Part Time employees, spouses and all children.

Life Insurance

The Company provides life insurance to all employees

Mobile Allowance

Where there is an operational requirement for a mobile phone the Company shall either pay an allowance or provide a mobile phone.

Salary Loan

Two month’s salary loan may be provided subject to approval. The money will be repaid in installments of 15% of gross monthly pay. Only one loan may be provided at any one time. For expatriates a loan provided under this clause should not exceed the current end of service payment.

Competency program

Managing Human on the basis of merit or (efficiency)

Efficiency is any knowledge or skill or behavior that is measurable and can be observe that contribute to the successful performance of the job.

Tanweer has agreed with the Achievement Center for building an efficient system for human resources. This system includes the following:

  • Types of efficiency, there are two types of efficiency: behavioral competencies or leadership: which are the motives, characteristics and qualities that creates the behavior and thinking, and it shows "how to" recruit knowledge and skill to achieve the desired results.
  • Technical competencies are the necessary knowledge and skills required for the employees to be effective at work. Which contains the "what" employees knows and what he can do in technical prospective.
  • Efficiency can be measured on five levels: awareness, knowledge, skill, proficiency, and new development. The competency model is about groups of competencies with certain specifications that are linked together to determine what is important in a certain job. That includes both behavioral competence or leadership and technical competence together.
  • The vision of this system is to build the company on a solid base in preparation and qualification of staff to international standards and employ talented staff that will contribute to achieving the objectives of the company's future.

Training and development

The company aims through the development of public policy for training to ensure that:

  • Developing the competencies and skills of each employee to the extent that he/she can grasp the role entrusted to his custody and a good understanding of the work entrusted to him and their full implementation.
  • Preparation of all employees of the company and rehabilitation to deal with changes in the internal and external environment of the company.
  • Encourage and motivate all employees to develop the competencies and capabilities of self and professional, and encourage them to ongoing training.
  • Training contributes to the creation of positive attitudes towards work among workers and the organization.
  • It leads to illustrate the general policies of the organization, develop the performance of employees on their knowledge of the organization objectives.
  • It Leads to a rationalization of administrative decisions and the development of methods and established administrative and leadership skills.
  • Helps to renew and update information in accordance with the different variables in the environment.
  • Contribute to building an effective base for communications and internal consulting, and thus lead to the development of methods of interaction between individuals, including employees and management.