Public Safetyicon

Tanweer is keen in ensuring the safety of its Customers and to provide the highest standards of safety in their premises. Considering that you are a key partner in this responsibility, we draw your attention to the necessity of complying with the safety guidelines and the supply terms & conditions provided to you while applying for electricity service.

You have to:

  • Approach Tanweer Contact Center in the case of power outages or power fluctuations.
  • Call Tanweer Hotline number 24250900, to report any dangerous or potentially dangerous situation ( for Fire or Ambulance are required, remember to call the ROP first on 9999).
  • Stay clear of any electricity equipment's (e.g. poles, cables, substations, street lights, etc) particularly during stormy or wet weather. Do not approach or touch any such equipment, especially broken/fallen wires or sparking/burning components; Remember to keep everyone well clear, call Tanweer Hotline, and wait for our engineers to attend.
  • Report any unsecure equipment (e.g. open meter boxes, feeder pillars etc) or substation sites, especially where children may be able to gain entry.
  • Seek the help of authorized technicians for electrical wiring or in case of any electrical faults in your house.
  • Ensure that all the electrical wiring is in a good condition. Replace or repair the damaged items.
  • Avoid tampering with, breaking or removing the seals & stickers from the meters.
  • Avoid any illegal connections.
  • Avoid supplying electricity to a third party